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Ferdia, Irish Warrior, Áth Fhirdia (Ardee)

Ferdia, Irish warrior

Ferdia, was a warrior of Connacht in Irish Mythology. In the Táin Bó Cuailnge (The Brown Bull of Cooley) Ferdia finds himself on opposite sides to his best friend and foster-brother Cúchulainn, with whom he had trained in arms under the renowned warrior woman Scathach.  He and Cúchulainn are equal in all martial feats, with two exceptions: the Gae Bulg, a barbed spear which Scáthach has taught only Cúchulainn to use; and Ferdiad's horny skin, which no weapon can pierce.


For days they battle it out, fighting by day and tending to each others wounds by night.  During the battle for the Brown Bull of Cooley, Cúchulainn throws a light spear at Ferdiad's chest, causing him to raise his shield, and then picks up the Gáe Bolga between his toes and thrusts it through his chest and piercing his heart and impailing him to the river bed floor, killing him. The ford where he died is named Áth Fhirdiad (Ferdiad's ford, modern Baile Átha Fhirdhia or Ardee, County Louth) after him.


"All was play, all was sport,till came Ferdiad to the ford!" Cuchulainn..


The Ford of Ferdia (Baile Áth Fherdia), now known as Ardee, is a vibrant market town in Co. Louth.  This was where the mythological 4 day battle betweeen Ferdia and Cúchualinn took place.  While visiting Ardee you can check out the sculpture of Ferdia and Cúchulainn on the main street.  

Ardee has several great festivals during the year, The Táin March in June, which celebrates the legends of The Táin, Ferdia and Cúchulainn, the Ardee Turfman Festival on the August Bank Holiday and the Ardee Baroque Music festival.

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