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The Fort of Dealga

Castle imageThe Fort of Dealga, built by a Fir Bolg King c. 2000 BC, from which the town of Dundalk gets its name, was Cúchulainn's border fort to defend the main route to Emain Macha, capital of Ulster.  A 12th-century Anglo-Norman motte was built on top of it, and the ruins of an 18th-century house can be seen on top of that.


According to legend, the Firbolgs, were conquered by The Tuatha de Danaan, or the Sidhe, - the divine race, the people of the Gods of Dana, who conquered the Fomor, the powers of darkness and their helpers the Firbolgs, in the battle of Magh Tuireadh, and possessed Ireland until they were in turn conquered by the children of the Gael under the leadership of the Sons of Miled.




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