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While it is generally accepted that the town of Drogheda was established by the Normans, the area around the mouth of the Boyne has a history that streches back thousands of years.


The stones used to build the famous passage graves at Newgrange and Knowth were trannsported to there present locations byway of the river.   St Patrick landed at the mouth of the river and made his way along the river to Slane where he lit the Paschal Fire.


The Drogheda Skyline is punctuated with spires and belfries rising from the heart of the town below.  Drogheda is described as the "gateway to the Boyne Valley".


Drogheda is one of the oldest and most distinguished urban centres in Ireland with a history stretching back to its founding in 1194. Unlike many other towns of such antiquity, Drogheda has continued to flourish into modern times. Drogheda today, is one of the most substantial urban settlements in the State in terms of population and physical extent.


The town forms a key component along with Dundalk, in making County Louth the most urbanised county in the state beyond Greater Dublin.


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